A vital part of your total landscape health is proper watering.

Today, our water supply is as precious to us as ever. It is important that we all do what we can to help preserve our fresh water supply. This includes smart irrigation practices!

Greenworks would like to help you ensure that your sprinkler system is not only functioning properly, but also, that it is programmed to water sufficiently for the time of year, without over or under watering. Your landscape may not need nearly as much water as you think it does…even during those brutal Texas summers! Overwatering can also cause a different kind of problem. Mosquitoes are one such nuisance that will result from excess water. Fungus is another problem that can come about with too much water, causing damage to plants and turf.

Please call us and inquire about our sprinkler maintenance services. We are passionate about preserving our most precious natural resource!

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