An attractive lawn enhances the value of your home and shows the pride you take in the appearance of your property. Greenworks shares your pride. When you put your trust in us, we will put all of our experience and knowledge to work to create a healthy, greener lawn for you and your family to enjoy. And you can always expect courteous service and a prompt response to your questions.

Greenworks offers a comprehensive 7-step weed control and lawn fertilization program that will help your lawn achieve its full potential all through the growing season.

Our 7-step lawn care, fertilization & weed control program

Round 1 – Early spring pre-emergent application:

This application will create a barrier to prevent weeds from germinating. The key to keeping a lawn weed-free is by taking preventative measures.

Round 2 – Early spring fertilization treatment:

Our technician will treat your lawn with fertilizer that will provide nutrients that will help strengthen roots and start the growing season of right.

Round 3 – Spring fertilization treatment:

Our next application of fertilizer will continue to provide rich nutrients to your turf.  Our slow-release fertilizer blend will provide the right amount of nutrients over the next few weeks.  In addition, our technician will spot spray any weeds that might be present at the time.

Round 4 – Summer fertilization treatment:

Our next fertilization application will continue to feed your lawn and maintain good health.  Iron will be included in this application which causes the rich green look that is so desirable.  Again, a service technician will spot spray any weeds that might be present at the time.

Round 5 – Late summer fertilization treatment:

This will be the final fertilization application of the season. This application will be around the end of August and will provide your turf with nutrients as the season ends and growth begins to slow.  This will be the final application as any further app will not provide as much benefit.  Lawn will be spot sprayed as well.

Round 6 – Fall pre emergent application:

Weeds are never more visible than when your grass goes dormant. This pre emergent application will prevent those unattractive winter weeds from popping up in your lawn.

Round 7 – Winter pre emergent application:

This will be your final application for the year.  It addresses any weeds that will try to germinate during periods of warmer weather and it will take care of any weeds that have managed to appear. This will ensure that your lawn will continue to look great throughout the dormant season!

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